Introducing Carriรจre Frรจres

Carriรจre Frรจres 1884   During the Industrial Revolution, ย new techniques and practices for the creation of many goods were being reimagined. ย The spread of electricity and the transition to other modes of illumination called for a moreย purpose-full candle: one that burned long, ย and spoke “theย poetic language of flowers and nature.”   โ€จThe inventive and entrepreneurialย Carriere Brothers won the gold medal at the 1889 Universal Exposition and became the official wax supplier to the Basilica of Sacrรฉ-Coeur in Paris.   Wicks

Coqui Coqui Perfumeria

  ย  Introducing Coqui Coqui Perfumes. Tulum’s down-to-earth, tropical style is even better when it’s bottled. ย  Inevitably chic, and true to their roots, this Perfumeria packagesย luxury in its purest forms. Aromatic Candles,ย Decadentย Room Scents,ย and Personal Perfumes & Oils .. ย  Now available in stores. ย  ย