Introducing Carrière Frères

CarriΓ¨re FrΓ¨res 1884   During the Industrial Revolution, Β new techniques and practices for the creation of many goods were being reimagined. Β The spread of electricity and the transition to other modes of illumination called for a moreΒ purpose-full candle: one that burned long, Β and spoke “theΒ poetic language of flowers and nature.”   
The inventive and entrepreneurialΒ Carriere Brothers won the gold medal at the 1889 Universal Exposition and became the official wax supplier to the Basilica of SacrΓ©-Coeur in Paris.   Wicks

Coqui Coqui Perfumeria

  Β  Introducing Coqui Coqui Perfumes. Tulum’s down-to-earth, tropical style is even better when it’s bottled. Β  Inevitably chic, and true to their roots, this Perfumeria packagesΒ luxury in its purest forms. Aromatic Candles,Β DecadentΒ Room Scents,Β and Personal Perfumes & Oils .. Β  Now available in stores. Β  Β