Monday’s Mood Board: California Living

  From unique Interior Gardens and Outdoor Dining areas to Wine Tasting and Surfing the Golden Coast. This week we’re pulling inspiration as we explore our beautiful home State of California.    1. California Girl 2. Winding Down #NapaValley 3. Plant Gang 4. Golden State Treasures 5. #WellLivedLife 6. Clear Blue Skies collected by: the lady & the sailor

Monday’s Mood Board: Americana Summer

From Beach Boys and Bikinis to Vintage Cars and Northern Coasts, this week we’re pulling inspiration from all things Americana.    1. The One Piece 2. Cruising Around 3. Tree Swings 4. Picnic Perfect 5. Mornings Spent Here 6. Babes on the Beach   collected by: the lady & the sailor

Monday’s Mood Board: Li Galli Getaway

Once the home of Russian choreographer, Rudolf Nureyev, this privately owned island off the Amalfi Coast has transformed into a jaw dropping luxury hotel beyond measure.  Colors, textures and landscapes leave nothing to be desired.  A Mediterranean Summer of the finest kind. 1. Tanning Territory 2. Orange is the New Black 3. Villa Vibes 4. Private Paradise 5. Strutting Stripes 6. #WellLivedLife collected by: the lady &the sailor