Book Club: Lee Radziwill


Socialite, It Girl, Style Icon… Call her what you want, Lee Radziwill embodies all of the above and more. Along with several stints in the Fashion Industry, Lee killed it at being a Public figure. She willingly interpreted the role of a Modern Day Woman. Teaching us that Confidence, Poise and above all, Savoir Faire, are key ingredients to success.

Lee, is the ensuite to Happy Times. With a curated selection of photos, we’re thrown into the world of a 60’s jet setting fashionista. From New York and Paris, we follow her stylish influence one ensemble at a time.

This coffee table autobiography holds a special place in our hearts. Without tabloid headlines or bias critiques, we are able to simply see a lady living her life in the pursuit of happiness.

noteworthy: When Jackie was condemned to wearing strictly American Designers, Lee was known to smuggle foreign labels into the white house for her older sister.



collected by: the lady & the sailor

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