Fornasetti Scented Candle – Golden Burlesque


Golden Burlesque candles showcase the face of Lina Cavalieri – Fornasetti’s iconic muse and features the signature Otto fragrance. This golden design introduces a new decorative element to the Fornasetti Collection. One side of the dual-faced candles is masked and the other netted, displaying an air of mystery. These candles are a great collectors item – after the wax burns, use these jars with matching lids for decorative storage.

Otto Scent contains top notes of Thyme and Lavender, with Oris, Cedarwood, Tolu Balsam, Incense, Birch and Lebdanum.

300 g / 10.5 oz – approximately 60 hours burn-time

Originated in Italy


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otto (signature scent)